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A001 Voice Command Robot Dog Leidy


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          Hello, my name is Leddy. I am an intelligent robot dog. I won’t bite or attack you and will be a great partner better than a real one.

          What can I do :

          Theme: Forward, backward turnaround, singing, dancing, spinning, walking upright----- Remote Control Dog with Flashing Lights and Sounds

          Others skill:

          1. Intelligently imitate 10 animal sounds: chicken, duckling, cat, cow, sheep, pig, tiger, gorilla, horse and elephant.

          2. Voice Control- Listen to your 10 voice commands: sit down, say hello tell a story, stand up, dance, even inverted and do push-ups, dancing, yoga, obey or anger etc.

          3. Entertainment Mode: When Robot Dog receives the amuse command, it will perform an action change, such as happy, excited, naughty, etc.

          4. Singing and Dancing: The dog has 5 dances with music, children can dance together with it, it provides more fun.

          5. Interaction Function: Touch The life-like wagging tail and loud barking or crying make this dog the perfect pet substitute.

          6. Programming Function: You can program the actions as you like, then the dog will repeat what you programmed.

          7. Powerful teaching modes: Include festivals, musical instruments, Chinese and English words, and Chinese 24 gas festivals, promoting children's brain development and expanding knowledge.



          product name: Smart Robot dog.

          Material: ABS electronic components.

          Size: 24x15x28cm

          specification: 24 x15x28cm, in box.

          Intelligent robot dog's battery: lithium battery 3.7v

          Remote control: two batteries, no.5

          The charging time is about 1 hour, and the control time is about 30 minutes.

          Product Include:

          1* Robot dog

          1* Remote control

          1* USB cable

          1* English User Manual

          1* Screwdriver

          Sharp Weapon:Sharp Weapon(N)